Heightmap data. Web based and quick.

Yesterday I posted my Photoshop Script for creating heightmaps from OS data, but I wasn’t happy with the 30 minutes it took Photoshop to render the map.

Many moons ago I used to be a web developer and I loved messing around with the Image creation in PHP. I thought that generating images was a lot quicker, so this evening, I’ve ported my script to PHP and I can confirm it is quicker. About 29 minutes and 50 seconds quicker. In fact it takes longer to upload the OS data than it does render the image.


So the new steps are this:

1. Get the OS data as before.
2. Go to My Heightmap generator
3. Choose between Relative (best for single heightmaps) or Absolute (Best for multiple if used with multiple terrain)
4. Right click and copy image.
5. Open a package of your choice and create a new file. Photoshop will take the settings of whatever is in the clipboard. Ensure it is greyscale.
6. Save as a RAW file.

That’s it.

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