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Arduino powered 300 RGB LED Display with Ethernet and SD card. The belated how to “guide”.

Apologies for the slapdash nature of this “How to”. I started with the best of intentions, and set out to create videos documenting everything I’ve done up to this point, after a 10 month break. The construction of the display … Continue reading

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SensoDuino with a Parallax 30086 RN-42 Bluetooth Module and Arduino Uno

My colleague Ryan send me on a Tweet about SensoDuino, an app for Android Phones that allows you through the phone’s bluetooth to send sensor data from your phone; from gyroscope and accelerometer data to light, heat and humidity!; to … Continue reading

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Arduino to Unity. Reading in a photoresistor.

This is much the same as the Ultrasonic experiment from a while back. I’m not going to write this up, but I have made another video which explains everything. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via … Continue reading

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Controlling an Arduino from Unity

Later this month I’ll be doing a talk for LUUG (London Unity Usergroup) on using Arduinos with Unity, so to prepare for that I’ve gone through the basic processes of talking to the Arduino from Unity. For this tutorial, you’ll … Continue reading

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Ultrasonic sensor, Arduino and Unity

Today I did a quick test to see how well I could get an Arduino to talk to Unity. The video is the result of the experiment. aurduinoTest – Zip File of my Unity Project The Ultrasonic code has largely been … Continue reading

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