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Vic 20

The newest addition to my collection will be my first entry into this new section of my blog, which I will be coming back to as I have chance to test and catalogue each entry. I picked up this Vic 20 … Continue reading

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Unity 4. Toon Terrain Shading.

I was asked by one of my students about applying Toon shading onto the Terrain. I didn’t have an example then, but since I’ve had a little time to look into Unity 4 when I discovered the opportunity to apply … Continue reading

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Zombie Woman. To Mudbox, to Max, to Photoshop.

As I’m going to be doing some experimenting with Kinect next week with some colleagues, I thought it would be a good time to start on a model and rigging so that I have something to apply the captured data … Continue reading

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Zombie, go there, there, there and there.

With any luck you have compiled your scripts and everything is hunky dory. Time to add your bots to your level. Start by placing a bunch of notes in the positions you want your zombies to be spawned. I use … Continue reading

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Zombie, do thy bidding.

Once again, I want to state this builds on tegleg’s tutorial which can be found here Script wise, this comes in two parts, one for the Pawn, on for the AI controller. So lets look at the Pawn first. … Continue reading

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Zombie bots from hell…

Blimey Charlie! You know when you haven’t updated you blog in a while when you can’t remember the admin URL! Luckily for me I’ve been getting a few comments left on pages with have needed moderating from helpful individuals telling … Continue reading

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Still alive.

Just a little update to say that I am alive and will be continuing with”Retroshooter” very soon (Monday) but last week it was exam board city and this week I’ve been visiting my family back home. The next part I … Continue reading

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UDK June 2011 Beta

The newest UDK beta has been released featuring quite a few new tools including a Kismet debugger and improved foliage tools to name a few. I’ve downloaded the 1.5Gb update and will be trying Retroshooter on it later to make … Continue reading

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Adjusting the player’s weapon aim (Part 3)

Following one from parts 1 and 2 of this section, I have implemented the trace functions to measure changes in elevation in front of the player and to adjust the aim. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook … Continue reading

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Influences for RetroShooter.

RetroShooter is a work in progress title for the Isometric shooter just incase anyone is confused. I thought it would be prudent to show the influences for what I am attempting… Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light (2010, XBLA, Square Enix, … Continue reading

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