Well, you’ve found this blog. Well done, well done indeed, give yourself a hearty slap on the back. You maybe wondering at this moment what combination of keywords you entered into Google (Or other generic search engine) actually lead you to this blog. To be honest at this moment I have no idea, but welcome all the same.

If you happen to be reading this before I get around to changing the template, enjoy the kitties in the hat, they are more than likely wondering just why they are cowering in fear. So I guess I should explain to the one person who has stumbled on this blog; and to the kitty cats, just what this is all about.

Two kitten looking fearful


I work with Game Engines a lot and I work with Digital Media a lot. It’s all I seem to do, work, play, relax; I just always seem to be in front of a screen. Today it came time for me to renew this domain name which I’ve had for two years doing nothing, infact the only reason why I bought it was for my job interview, thinking that when I gave my presentation I didn’t want to use my at the time, current work email and I certainly didn’t want to use my personal email so I set up a page that for two years said “R3D Star, Realtime 3D, Live soon…

This is all that was on this site for two years...

So I decided that I should do something which this website and here we go, a place for me to dump my mind jam every now and again. Currently I use UDK, Unity, 3DS Max, Flash, Photoshop and Mudbox so expect a whole bunch of gumpf surround those programs and what not.



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